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UK Facilitators Reflections (Career Circles)

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Re: UK Facilitators Reflections (Career Circles)
by Carolyn Usher - Thursday, 3 March 2016, 5:55 PM
Back again and I wanted to share some more experiences, as we began the second pilot of the Circles with girls this week.

The second Circle seems like it may be more of a challenge as a facilitator as the girls who came this week will need a lot more support and help to work in the group. They are all studying the IT course although at different levels and confidence seems to be a real issue. The girls who attended were much quieter than the first group and may find it difficult to share with each other and open up when we move into this part of the Circles. However, they want to work on these skills and know how important it is for them to develop good communication skills for the future. We used the Wheel of Skills in the first session to help them reflect on the types of skills they will need to develop for their jobs and set goals based on this which they will help each other with in the next sessions.

Since communication skills were something that they want to develop I have invited the girls to look at this section of the learning hub and look at some of the resources. 

I also want to work with them on motivation and visualisation since they don't seem to have a very clear idea of the jobs they would like. For homework they've been asked to watch this video o TED by Tony Robbins -